About me - Matt Meisenheimer

             I’m a hobbyist photographer currently living near Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve always been fascinated by the beautiful places of the world. As a kid, I loved reading National Geographic and watching nature specials on TV. That love for nature stayed with me as I grew older and before I even owned a camera I would browse Flickr to see the amazing images some people would post. Now, growing up in the Midwest always made me wonder what else was out there and finally one day in college I planned to travel to Alaska for a summer for work. I bought a cheap Canon powershot and hacked it so I could actually take HDR pictures. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had fun taking photos while working in Alaska. That was my first exposure to the outdoors and ‘out west’. It fueled me to start backpacking and traveling more. After that, I ended up changing my major in college from business to ecology and applied for a seasonal position at Mount Rainier NP. By some miracle I was hired and decided to upgrade to a Nikon D5000. I backpacked all over Washington that summer and took pictures. After that I was hooked, eventually I dove in and upgraded to full frame…and haven’t looked back.

          I love the creative process of landscape photography, but I also enjoy the adventure that comes along with it. Since becoming serious about shooting, I’ve visited locations that I never thought I’d see in person and I am constantly thinking about where my next trip will be. It really has become THE passion in my life…there’s not much better than backpacking to a place you’ve never seen before and coming away with images to process.

            In terms of processing, I use Lightroom and Photoshop and take creative liberties in editing as most photographers do. What appeals to my eye, might not appeal to everyone else, but that’s the beauty of landscape photography. I am inspired by Marc Adamus (the best landscape photography of all time in my opinion), Ryan Dyar, Miles Morgan, Alex Noriega, Michael Shainblum, and Ted Gore...to list a few.

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